Coating Specifications and Product Selection

Looking to improve your coating specifications or select the right coating products to protect your asset?

A well-written coating specification can help you to:

  • Improve in-service performance
  • Reduce construction and operation costs
  • Reduce the risk of coating failure.

Whether you want to develop a functional coating specification from scratch, or simply seek to understand key specification areas and be guided on selecting appropriate coating systems fit for your asset’s environmental and operational conditions, Safinah Group can assist with specification experience developed over many years and across a wide variety of industries.

We apply a sound and trusted engineering approach to ensure that the coatings specified and selected deliver the performance needed. Safinah Group is entirely independent so you can be sure that the recommendations we make, provide a fair and accurate appraisal and no-nonsense advice that adds value and saves money.

Our process for coating specification and selection considers:

  • Environment conditions
  • Operational requirements
  • How and where the asset is fabricated
  • Performance requirements
  • Asset lifetime
  • Through-life operating costs
  • Legislation.

Safinah Group is unique in that we house all our experts under one roof. This, combined with our wide range of skill sets and experience, enable us to offer you advice and comprehensive insight into paint specification and correct coating selection for the marine, energy & infrastructure, and yacht markets.

To find out more about painting cost drivers throughout the life of an offshore asset click the paper below.

CAPEX and OPEX for coatings offshore

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Safinah Group Coating Specifications and Product Selection 2022

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