Antifouling Coating Market Analysis

Safinah Group conducts antifouling coating market analysis to quantify the Marine coating market complemented by regulatory and technology developments that may impact the demand for coatings.

Thorough market analysis enables raw materials and paint manufacturers to plan better for capital expenditure and to prioritise associated R&D and sales efforts.

Our unique approach of estimating the demand for marine Antifouling considers product type, typical schemes, industrial loss factors, dry-docking intervals and vessel characteristics such as type and age. The model is sensitive to fleet trends allowing for any sudden changes in demand, such as the impact of COVID-19, to be reflected.

In addition, Safinah Group’s antifouling market model takes into account the impact of drydocking trends due to upcoming regulatory changes. An example of a recent regulation, which had an impact on the demand for antifouling coatings is the IMO 2020 sulphur cap as a result of which many owners chose to retrofit vessels with suitable equipment prior to the deadline.

Safinah Group also monitors the development, introduction and performance of novel coating technologies and raw materials with antifouling properties.


Fig 1: Antifouling Coating Demand [Marine]


What about Antifouling Coating Demand [Marine] for 2020?

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