Martechma is a respected association of Greek marine technical managers.

Antifouling paint and technology was identified by members as a confusing subject that they would like to understand.

Safinah, as independent marine coating experts, had the pleasure to present on the subject on 8th September at Maran’s training auditorium in Athens.

Safinah was represented by Raouf Kattan, Managing Director, and Alan Walker, Managing Partner, and the presentation detailed the penalties of fouling and roughness on hull performance, drag and fuel consumption.

The final slides as shown below ended with some “Golden Rules”, “Practical Advice” and things to “Keep in Mind” when considering antifouling coating: all aspects for which Safinah can offer independent support.

Golden rules

  • Clarify performance expectations vessel by vessel
    • Define the correct scope of work/needs
    • Are you satisfied with current performance
  • Specify coating technology and products correctly using in house or external expertise
  • Ensure coatings are selected against requirements
  • If possible obtain a guarantee to meet operational/charter party parameters
  • Measure and monitor performance and ROI

 Practical advice

  • There is no default specification – save money by considering vessel by vessel
  • At NB (new building) consider the need of the NB process
  • The dry dock specification & scope is a rough unseen estimate – review/revise at the in-dock inspection
    • savings up to 20% are possible
  • Full blast or plan a part blast
  • In service – measure, analyse, feedback and act (for ship and fleet if appropriate)

 Keep in mind

  • Specification and selection is key
  • Slime and fouling give rise to higher penalties than roughness
  • Maximum penalty from roughness is about 7%
  • Savings must be measured
  • Forget the chemistry – focus on your performance needs

Feedback from the members was positive in that the presentation was practical and concerned the effect of roughness and fouling on fuel consumption rather than the “baffling” chemistry that is often fed to Martechma members.

For independent, practical advice on all marine coatings please contact Safinah