Safinah Group Steel Division's new offices at Woods Square, Singapore

In an exciting move, Safinah Group Steel Division has moved into new offices at Woodlands Square in Singapore.

Nestled in the vibrant northern part of the island, this prime location offers unparalleled advantages for clients and the Steel Division team. With easy access to Changi Airport, Safinah Group’s new Singapore hub promises swift and seamless connectivity across Asia. Let’s take a closer look at what this remarkable development means for the steel division team.

Advantages of our new location

  • Strategic Proximity: Our Woodlands Square location provides strategic proximity to the heart of the city, making it easily accessible for clients and team members. It offers a wealth of amenities in the nearby area, enhancing convenience for all.
  • Gateway to Asia: With Changi Airport within reach, Safinah Group’s Steel Division has positioned itself close to a gateway to Asia. Clients can expect faster response times and efficient operations, thanks to our ideal location.

Meet our experienced team

Safinah Group Steel Division takes pride in its highly experienced team, dedicated to delivering top-notch services. Meet the professionals who make it all happen:

  • Operations Manager – Andy Ab Samad: Andy brings a wealth of experience to the team, ensuring smooth operations and impeccable service delivery.
  • UTM Inspectors – Johari Kassim and Afiq Fauzi: Our UTM Inspectors, Johari and Afiq, are experts in their field, ensuring the highest standards of inspection and reporting.

Our comprehensive services

Safinah Group Steel Division offers a comprehensive range of steel services tailored to meet your needs:

  • Steel Inspection and Assessment: We provide meticulous steel inspection and assessment services, guaranteeing the highest standards in reporting.
  • Pre-docking Surveys: Our team excels in pre-docking surveys, ensuring that assets meet all necessary criteria.
  • Seamless Collaboration: We collaborate closely with our in-house coating consultants to offer clients a one-stop solution, ensuring a smooth transition between steel and coating works.
  • Detailed Proposals and Reports: Expect detailed proposals and reports on all deficiencies, complete with tonnage calculations, renewal details, reference photos, and location drawings.
  • Custom UTM Reports: Our UTM reports are customized to meet owner requirements or specific formats outlined by classification societies, providing comprehensive information on thicknesses and wastages.

For personalized solutions and expert advice, contact one of our specialists today at +65 82 221 401 or email us at

Safinah Group Steel Division is committed to excellence, and our new offices in Woodlands Square mark the beginning of an exciting chapter in our journey to provide the best steel services in Asia.

Andy Ab Samad – Operations Manager (Steel Division)Andy Ab Samad
Operations Manager (Steel Division)