Marine Energy Wales Article

Safinah Group is the newest member of Marine Energy Wales, an initiative dedicated to establishing Wales as a global leader in sustainable marine energy generation.

Marine Energy Wales LogoMarine Energy Wales (MEW), founded and managed by Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum, is an initiative dedicated to promoting sustainable marine energy generation and thus contributing to a low carbon economy. The initiative brings together technology developers, the supply chain, research organisations and the public sector in a unique collaboration between industry, government and academia aiming to establish Wales as a global leader in sustainable marine energy generation.

MEW specialises in providing support and guidance to the marine energy sector through encouraging learning, collaboration, raising awareness and engaging with stakeholders.

The members of MEW offer unique expertise in different aspects of marine energy generation. Safinah Group’s expertise in protective coatings and engineering challenges allows us to contribute through delivering innovative and effective coatings and engineering solutions to reduce costs, extend asset lifespan and improve quality.

Safinah Group’s Energy and Infrastructure Team provides a comprehensive range of services including specifications and guidance on future maintenance to the diverse market of energy and infrastructure coatings.

For more information on the range of services tailored to the sector, please contact us at