Teak Decking Article Feature Image

Client: Superyacht captain

The Project: One of the world’s most prestigious super yachts, was suffering from a filler cracking issue at the rear, close to the large stern door. Every time a repair was initiated the filler would crack in the same place with the problem increasing in size usually within a very short time. Major paint companies had tried to repair the area on several occasions but to date without success.

Our Role: Safinah was approached by a captain asking for advice regarding corrosion underneath the teak planking on his main deck. It appeared that the correct materials and procedures had been followed, however, a continual ingress of sea water over a prolonged period had caused the coating system to break down. The coatings used underneath the teak were unable to cope with prolonged periods of salt-water immersion. The Energy & Infrastructure team at Safinah proposed the use of an anticorrosive scheme normally used in the offshore industry, that would cope with continual immersion and could be applied using exactly the same approach. No change to preparation methods just a swap of one material.

How Safinah Added Value: A successful repair that will outlast the remaining lifetime of the yacht and a happy customer!