Quality Policy

July 2017

Safinah Ltd is an independent consulting company specialising in the provision of a range of advice and services to the world-wide coatings market.

It is the policy of Safinah Ltd to be recognised as providing services that fulfil the requirements of its customers and to demonstrate thought leadership in all market sectors served.

We will demonstrate to our staff, suppliers, the market place and shareholders our commitment to quality by operating our business through systems that have been certified to EN ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Safinah Ltd is likewise totally committed to ensuring safe working practices.

The company values every employee and will ensure they have the competencies necessary to do their job. In return every employee, in whatever capacity, including management, supporting staff and contractors, will be expected both to comply with and contribute to the Quality Management System at all times.

The Company constantly monitors its quality performance and its services and will implement improvements as appropriate to sustain this policy.


Raouf Kattan

Managing Director
Safinah Ltd

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