Coating Challenges in the Chemical Tanker Market

What are the current coating challenges in the chemical tanker market and how to overcome them?

Andy HopkinsonDrydock Magazine March 2020 is discussing cargo tank coatings in terms of performance expectations, alternative technologies and the potential for collaboration in the March 2020 edition of the Drydock Magazine.

The article is available for free online (

Safinah Group’s Marine Consultancy Team have been involved in numerous cargo tank linings investigations and claims. For more information on the topic, Safinah TIP 3 – the January 2020 issue of our TIPs (Technical Information Papers), tackles typical causes of coating failures with a focus on tank linings.

Our Marine Team can assist with advice on cargo tank coatings and provide expert support in terms of selection, application, inspection or failure investigations of coatings.

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