Sandy Kirkwood

Business Development Director / Senior Consultant

  • Expertise: Corrosion, Resin Technology & Project Management
  • Languages spoken: English, French, Greek
  • Qualifications: BSc(Hons)
  • Email:

Sandy Kirkwood is a coating consultant who has been on the board of one of the world’s leading heavy duty resin manufacturers with global responsibility for its photocure business based on UV technology.

During the past 30 years he has been involved with all aspects of running a global business including:

  • Product Formulation
  • Product Integration
  • Development of Technical Teams
  • Establishing Realistic Quality Standards
  • Development of Project Management Systems

He has significantly grown and managed Safinah’s Mega Yacht business covering new building and refit projects. With his realistic and practical approach to yard procedures, he has sucessfully implemented a project management system into the standard working practices of new construction yards. This has been welcomed by owners and yards.

Mr Kirkwood also handles ship coating projects related to strategic market understanding and new build and M&R issues.