Dr Raouf Kattan

Principal Consultant

Dr Kattan has a background in academia, seafaring, shipping, shipbuilding and naval architecture and has a specialist knowledge of coatings.

He has worked with many leading shipbuilders and shipowners (commercial and naval) on coating issues from design to production with a focus on improving productivity in coating processes.

Working with ship owners and shipbuilders  he has developed a performance specification approach to enable the correct technical assessment of alternative paint scheme proposals. He has worked with all the world’s leading coatings companies and headed the product development teams of a multinational company.

Working with major raw material suppliers and equipment manufacturers he has enabled them to establish the added value of their products. He heads the work that Safinah undertakes for investment houses and venture capital firms seeking to make investments in core Safinah markets.

Dr Kattan has worked on a variety of offshore and industrial projects, including catastrophic coating failures on offshore platforms and offshore wind-turbines.

Dr Kattan is increasingly sought to give expert advice on coating matters in Arbitration

  • Inaugural Chairman of the IMO Advisory Council for NACE 2010 – 2013
  • Manager of the Marine Coating Group on Linkedin
  • Member of STG 44- Marine Corrosion Ship and Structure
  • Member of TEG181X Marine Vessel Corrosion