Dr Neil Nicolson

Head of Yacht Consultancy

With an academic background in organic and polymer chemistry, Neil is a vastly experienced chemist and R&D manager with over 18 years’ experience in the chemical industry working for the world’s largest supplier of yacht coatings.

As a Laboratory Chemist and Technical Manager, Neil had a proven track record in delivering new products and technologies to market, including many of the most commonly used fillers, finishes and primers in the yacht industry. He has led teams in supporting the business in all yacht coatings sectors including antifoulings and topcoat colour matching.

Since joining Safinah Group in 2015, Neil has managed many projects for coatings support in superyacht newbuilds, refits, condition surveys, insurance claims and major legal cases.

Through this combined experience Neil has all round knowledge of how yacht coatings should perform both in theory and in practice.