Bruno Ravel

Head of Chemical and Disruptive Technologies / Senior Consultant

  • Expertise: Polymer Chemistry, Coating formulation
  • Languages spoken: French, English
  • Qualifications: MSc, ENSCMu, NACE CIP Level 2
  • Email:

Bruno has a background in chemistry and has specialist knowledge of coating formulation and testing in relation to the heavy-duty coating market.

He worked for 10 years as a paint formulator for many paint companies in the marine and protective coating sector including one of the world’s largest heavy-duty paint companies. He has expertise in paint formulation of various chemistries such as anticorrosive coatings, topcoats and intumescent coatings and their corresponding testing requirements. Bruno has successfully developed and launched new intumescent products into the market.

Within Safinah, Bruno heads the coatings technology sector with clients such as raw material providers, paint manufacturers and new technology disruptors, ranging from start-up to multinational. This sector provides market insights such as market analysis, forecasting, assistance with formulation, technology assessment in order to minimize clients’ risks, time and cost to enter the market.