Yacht tension lines featured image

Client: Owner of a 78m Mega yacht

The Project: Application of filler on the hull of the yacht at newbuilding had left voids in the filler which led to cracking after a year in service. A subsequent repair left the hull in a poor condition due to the appearance of hundreds of tension lines.

Our Role: Safinah was instructed by the Owner’s legal team to establish the root cause of the tension lines and to propose a permanent repair procedure. The yacht was visually inspected and samples taken from the hull. These samples were subjected to a specific set of analytical tests that were selected based on Safinah’s in-depth understanding of filler technology. On the basis of the results of this work, Safinah proposed a unique repair procedure.

How Safinah Added Value: The recommended repair procedure was adopted and Safinah was retained to supervise and sign off the work. The repair was successfully carried out to the complete satisfaction of the Owner, his legal team and the Captain with no recurrence of the problem after the yacht returned to service.