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Due to environmental legislation, exhaust gas scrubbers have and continue to be installed in almost every type of ship, and whilst improving atmospheric emissions they obviously can be detrimental to both the operation and fabric of a ship such as marine systems and coatings.

Shiprepair and Maintenance Magazine 3rd Quarter 2020In the 3rd Quarter 2020 issue of the Shiprepair and Maintenance magazine, published by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA), Safinah Group’s Keith Hutchinson and Bruno Ravel discuss potential hull / marine systems and coatings issues associated with scrubbers. To read the full article download the PDF below.

By Keith W Hutchinson and Bruno Ravel. Published in Shiprepair and Maintenance, 3rd Quarter 2020.

Meeting Challenges of Scrubbers – Hutchinson Ravel – Shiprepair & Maintenance Q3 2020


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