Yacht Coating Sector

Safinah Group has been involved in the diverse protective coatings sector for over 20 years. Our dedicated team of expert consultants specialises in delivering independent advice and coatings specifications that conform to current legislation, dramatically cut maintenance costs and extend asset lifetime.


Safinah has more than 150 years of experience in yacht chemistry and structure at its finger tips ensuring that any decisions or conclusions reached are based on a sound foundation of knowledge. We have the ability to evaluate technically any coated area of a yacht be that underwater, above water, in tanks or in general technical spaces.

Services provided in the yacht coatings sector

Safinah Group can advise on the following:

Coatings Project Management

  • Coating management skills for new build and refit,
  • The chemistry of all yacht coatings and fillers,
  • Expertise on all substrates – aluminium, GRP, steel or any combination,
  • Practical knowledge of all surface preparation standards.

Coatings Specification and Product Selection

  • Functional Specification

Expert Witness

Market Analysis and Research

  • Reviews on specific sectors

Technology Development

  • Formulation skills
  • Analytical skills



Safinah has been jointly appointed by yard and owner on the projects to ensure the smooth and satisfactory outcome for the coating work on megayachts. We have been appointed to act as independent arbitrator during coating disputes and have succeeded in achieving an acceptable agreement for both parties. Working with yacht builders Safinah can improve output by better integration of the coating process with other construction activities.

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Safinah Group Yacht Coatings Sector

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