Market Sectors

Whether you are in the Chemical, Marine, Protective or Yacht sector, having a team of experts with a proven track record at delivering results can make all the difference.

The consultants at Safinah have an enviable reputation in the industry for their consistent, disciplined and successful approach to problem solving, market analysis, technology analysis, project support and expertise in coatings and corrosion.

  • Safinah has a proven track record for reducing costs and increasing performance through the identification of precise coating solutions.
  • Safinah can help you to protect your assets.  Statistics show that corrosion is the number one cause of premature structural failure.  We can guide you from the outset of your investment by defining appropriate contract terms, specification and design optimisation.
  • Safinah can show you how the proper selection of coatings for your asset can save you money and increase your competitive advantage while increasing your asset’s life.
  • Safinah supports new product development for the coatings industry.  We can provide you with world class market intelligence and market size data to assist you in every step of the development from formulation to selection and testing.

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