Bio-Fouling disruption: How can novel scientific approaches influence future marine coatings technology?

Wednesday 31 May, 14:00 – 15:00 Disruptive Theatre, Hall A – Nor-Shipping
Hosted by ITech AB, inventors of Selektope®

By thinking outside the box, experts have discovered solutions that revolutionise the prevention of marine biological fouling on ship hulls. Advances in the science behind coating technology development are providing new avenues to create change. The disrupters are not only those that come from within the industry, prospering new ideas and approaches, but also those that introduce and adapt solutions from other industries to incite positive impact in the field of traditional technologies.

Questions to be addressed: What will the hull coatings of the future look like? Which technologies and scientific discoveries will be the most disruptive? Which technologies address current and future challenges and have a sustainable market position? Which technologies will satisfy all performance requirements?

Keynote: Philip Chaabane, CEO – I-Tech AB