Failure Investigation

Client: OWF operator

The Project: Failure investigation and specification review

Our Role: During the contract Safinah provided the following services:

  • Reviewed contract, documentation, specifications and guarantees
  • Carried out inspection and forensic investigation
  • Assessed environment and on-site conditions
  • Analysed paint flakes as part of root case analysis using computerised optical microscopy
  • Identified paint type, film thickness and paint defects
  • Characterised surface preparation
    • Contamination (grit, dust, corrosion)
    • Surface profile (height, shape and density)
  • Completed advanced analysis
    • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) coupled with X-ray detection
  • Surface analysis

How Safinah Added Value:

  • Identified poorly specified coating system for the offshore environment
  • Evaluated root cause of coating failure
  • Minimised insurer liability with optimised repair option and on-site supervision