European Environmental Ports Conference 2018 - The Port House Antwerp

Safinah was proud to support the European Environmental Ports Conference 2018 held over 16th-17th May in Antwerp, Belgium.

The Safinah Team attended the event which brought together senior representatives from the global port community and shipping companies, as well as environmental policy-makers, academic experts, consultants, and technology providers. Over the two day conference the key topics covered were:

  • Maintaining Compliance and Keeping up with Environmental Legislation
  • Tackling the Issue of Air Quality and Working Towards a Genuine Solution
  • Onshore Power Supply: A Potential Solution to Pollution
  • Improving Relationships with the Local Area
  • Key Practices in Removing Waste from Ports
  • Water Quality in Ports
  • Alternative Approaches and Ideas to Make Ports Greener
  • Environmental Strategies and Implementations Across all Sectors to Improve the Environment in Ports

Safinah used the event to introduce its new product PortShield, a web-based system that assesses the risk of hull-borne invasive aquatic species that a vessel poses prior to entry into Port. Read more about PortShield here.

To download the European Environmental Ports Conference 2018 agenda click the link below.

Download the EEPC-2018-Agenda