dry-dock coating

Safinah and Drone Ops organised a FREE Drones Project workshop on Tuesday 22nd March 2016 from 9.30am to 4.30pm at The Core, Science Central, Bath Lane, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE4 5TF.


Gauge the interest of the creation of a consortium to carry out collaborative development of a commercial system for the remote inspection of the coating and corrosion of marine structures.

The workshop was divided into 4 sessions:

Session 1
Overview of SUAS technologies and broad capabilities based on current technology and near market solutions.

Session 2
Demonstration and presentation of drone capabilities and examples of mapping and 3-D modelling as well as VR simulation.

Session 3
Presentation of the problem to be addressed and outline solution for the inspection and survey of large marine vehicles internally and externally and potential solutions.

Session 4
Interactive session to identify any existing lessons learned and any additional needs and requirements to be considered as well as identification of other challenges end users may face.

At the end of the workshop, potential partners were required to register their formal interest if they wished to take part in the next phases of this project.

For more information contact Safinah:

or call +44 (0)1670 519 900

Download the Project RECCOMS whitepaper