Blistering of Cargo Tank Coatings Main Image

Blistering of the tank coatings across the tank top

Client: Insurance company

The Project: An investigation into blistering of the cargo tank coatings on a number of vessels to determine the root cause of the blistering.

Our Role: Safinah’s role was to survey the cargo tank coatings and take appropriate paint flake samples for analysis by computerised optical microscopy. Based on the inspection, the vessel cargo history and the paint flake analysis, Safinah was able to determine the cause of the blistering was due to poor surface cleaning prior to application of the tank coatings.

Blistering of Cargo Tank Coatings Second Image

The underside of the a paint flake sample taken in way of intact blisters on the tank top. Analysis by computerised optical microscopy by Safinah found the paint flake to be heavily contaminated with blasting grit and dust

How Safinah Added Value: The Safinah report has given the client the information needed to understand the root cause of the blistering and when the problem likely started.