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What can we learn from coating condition assessments at drydock? Do current coating selection and specification practices ensure optimal performance?

There are hundreds of antifouling products available on the market.

For the optimal antifouling solution to be identified, careful consideration needs to be given to a variety of ship-specific factors affecting the suitability of potential technologies. Informed choices and a considered biofouling control strategy, which begins with choosing the products and a carefully developed functional specification, can only benefit the shipping industry and the environment.

For better selection and specification choices to be made, however, some fundamental questions, such as the variability in product performance, need to be addressed. In-service performance data allowing independent comparisons between technologies has been limited.

With this in mind, Safinah Group has started to release findings based on a unique in-house database of coating condition assessments from supervision activities at drydock dating back to 2010.

The latest analysis focuses on perceived technology performance and selection trends.

The preliminary findings suggest that current selection and specification practices often do not lead to optimal performance.

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Safinah Group 2021 – Biofouling in Commercial Shipping & The Importance of Ship-Specific Functional Specifications

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