Biofouling Challenges in the Recreational Boating Sector

Why is biodiversity important and how is it linked to reported biofouling control practices? What can be done to ensure minimal negative impact on the environment?

Biofouling on the hull translates into additional fuel costs, while heavily fouled pipework, such as engine cooling systems, can result in operational and safety issues.

Apart from its impact on an asset, biofouling on recreational vessels’ hulls may have negative effects on the environment, as it results in additional emissions and it has been identified as a significant vector for the translocation of non-indigenous marine species, which could potentially become invasive.

Ensuring that the antifouling system is suitable for the challenges posed by different environments, especially in the case of explorer yachts, by developing a vessel-specific functional specification and managing the installation process is being recognised as best practice at an international level.

This paper discusses the importance of biodiversity and the link to the potential negative impacts as a result of the translocation of marine species. It also provides an overview of reported and recommended practices in the recreational sector in terms of controlling biofouling.

To learn more about optimal biofouling protection and recent developments, read the full article below.

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