PCE in conjunction with Safinah, is holding an annual Marine Coatings Forum, a 1-day meeting at Schipol Airport on 13th September 2011.

This 1-day meeting will be conveniently held at Schipol Airport (Sheraton Hotel) between 10.00 and 16.00 hours, allowing participants to fly in and out on the same day. The date is Tuesday 13th September 2011.

The objective is to provide a one-day overview of the key issues and technologies that have emerged in any given year in the field of ship, yacht and offshore coatings technology.

The theme for the first Forum will be Regulations, and there will be 3/4 technical presentations covering topical subjects, such as the IMO COT and void spaces and BWT treatment systems and coating compatibility testing. There will also be an invited presentation from a company who (according to peer review) has made a significant advance in marine coatings technology during the past year, and the aim is to have this “sponsored” by a major player in the industry and a plaque or medal presented.